Пульт управления Acme iL2420

Купить Пульт управления Acme iL2420 Екатеринбург Купить Системы управления DMX Екатеринбург
Купить Пульт управления Acme iL2420 Екатеринбург Купить Системы управления DMX Екатеринбург


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  • 2 x DMX outputs
  • 2 x Stand Alone (Easy Controller) outputs - allows fixtures to run in Master/Slave mode
  • Control up to 20 iSolution /DMX fixtures (maximum 24 channels per fixture)
  • Fixture library allows up to 50 profiles to be stored (Acme lighting fixtures from in-built memory/download. Other fixtures can be set manually)
  • 20 programmable chases/shows (maximum 200 scenes per chase)
  • 1200 programmable scenes (60 banks x 20 scenes)
  • 400 programmable colour and gobo combinations (20 presets, each preset has 10 colours and 10 gobos)
  • 10 Preset movements (for instant show editing)
  • Option to set centre position for each fixture
  • 20 Assignable Cues allowing instant access to chases
  • 24 faders for controlling 24 DMX channels
  • Four separate Jog Wheels (Pan / Tilt / Fine Pan / Fine Tilt)
  • Create and operate up to 20 fixture groups
  • Stand by mode - set home position, centre position, or pre-set position
  • Sound activation via in-built microphone or line input (with adjustable sensitivity control)
  • Midi Controllable
  • Override function allows control of individual fixtures whilst still running programmed show (Max 20 overrides)
  • Remote DMX addressing of fixtures via iLead controller (iSolution fixtures only)
  • Blackout function
  • Password protection facility restricts use of controller and/or removal or editing of programmes
  • CF Card facility - allows for software update / transfer of programmes
  • Lighting library and software can be updated via download
  • Analogue strobe control facility

Фронтальная панель

  • 80 character backlit LCD display for easy programming and navigation
  • 4 large rotary control wheels
  • 20 Multi function buttons
  • 24 faders
  • Strobe button
  • 2 remote easy controller (CA-8)
  • Compact flash drive (recommended 64Mb or higher)
  • Gooseneck USB LAMP

Задняя панель

  • 2 x 3 Pin XLR DMX outputs
  • Midi-in port & Midi Thru/Bypass port
  • RCA Audio input and Inbuilt microphone for audio trigger
  • 2 x 5 Pin XLR connectors (Easy controller)
  • 1 x strobe output (0-10V)


  • Power supply: 240v - 50/60Hz
  • 2MB internal memory
  • 3.6V 80mA NI-MH battery back up
  • 19" Rack mountable, 6U space
  • Dimensions: 483 x 264 x 100mm
  • Weight: 5.3Kgs

Пульт управления Acme iL2420

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